Wednesday, 13 October 2010

swimsuits and sunny days

so i'm slightly traumatised right now by the fact that in the last month i've gained a few pounds... i'm not fat, but i am slighty round and incredibly untoned! i think my problem is i just like food and don't exercise ;) i had a little gym stint last year but i hardly ever went, just didn't have the time! for someone like me, keeping up the gym is very unrealistic. last year college took up so much of my time - so in the little spare time i had, was i going to choose the gym over seeing friends? er, no.
and i'm still busy now! not that i could afford a gym membership, and i'm leaving in six weeks (TODAY :) !) anyhoo. however i'm going to make myself go swimming tomorrow morning, before i go to newcastle! i really love swimming itself but hate hate hate public pools, especially on my own. (i say public pools - like i have an alternative, no private pool pour moi!) because my vision is really, really bad. yes, those big black glasses aren't for show, i need them! i can't wear them when i go swimming so i feel so vulnerable and uncomfortable. it's really horrible. however, i might wear my contacts and try and wing it by wearing goggles -hmmm.
anyway this is my swimsuit! very paranoid about my belly but i love my 1950's style swimsuit as it covers that - and looks really good, i think! decided to get one of these last year after having watched the notebook - took me so long to find one, i eventually got this from modcloth and spent far too much money on postage and US import tax, the bastards. it's such a shame because i absolutely love modcloth but can never buy anything!

oh, and these photos are from the holiday i went on this year with my 3 best girlfriends! the girl in the top is laura, you can see her blog here, the girl in the second is kathryn (who doesn't have a blog but should) and i assume sophie (who also doesnt have a blog but should) took the photos!
this might be my last post before newcastle and i won't be able to post again til sat night/sunday depending on how enthusiatic i am! my god, how much do i write - i really need to cut down, who even wants to read this much babble. ah well.

speak soon, love!

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  1. just looking at these pictures makes me happy! i think we need round two :) south of france?

    your swimsuit is amazing and you wore it so well. i love us four. it's dead weird that we're all gonna be so far apart. specially you missy!

    love xoxo