Friday, 8 October 2010

overpriced but delicious

i've just been naughty and bought the jacket on the left, with the black faux sheepskin. originally i did want the fleece collar one on the right (which was also much, much cheaper) but as usual with topshop, it was sold out. to be fair it has been around for a few months... but still :'(
fashion + clothes wise, i'm finding it really difficult at the moment because of lack of funds! i'm trying to save as much money as possible for canada but i'm finding it really frustrating because there's things i want to buy here, but i can't because it probably won't be useful to me for this year. i mean i'm actually kind of looking forward to seven months of not being bothered about new clothes and the latest 'must-have' (i hate hate HATE this phrase - it makes me so angry) ... i'm not a trend follower (but is anyone these days, apparently) but i hate the feeling of being a consumer, of buying something and having that quick rush of the newness, and every time thinking 'now i have this i'll be happy' but then soon you'll just want something new again, and it goes round like this. so at the moment i'm trying to tell myself to save my money for something that i hope will make me happy long term, i.e. canada. i'm really hoping spending this time in canada will change my views about fashion - i'll still love it, of course - but hopefully i won't feel the competitiveness and compulsions that i do now. however, for the next seven weeks, it shall be difficult! 
but back to the jacket - i told myself this might be kind of appropriate for canada... :Z haha, maybe. this will be my final big buy for things not related to canada though. i thought i'd just treat myself one last time as i haven't bought anything significant for a while now! it was either this or some black biker boots from next, but the biker boots weren't my perfect black boots and i thought i could always get a pair next year as in canada i'll probably be wearing snow boots :)
it was overpriced though, so that's the reason why i'm being naughty. part of me wishes i'd spent time in charity and vintage stores looking for one instead... it would've been much cheaper, but to be honest, who can be arsed? i don't like that these days that i feel as though i'm not 'cool' unless i'm wearing something vintage/secondhand - and have the blase attitude to go with it. you know the kind where the person is like 'oh i can't afford high street/you can get so much better from charity shops/etc etc'. i am sorry, but it is my opinion that (SOMETIMES, not always, i'm not trying to insult anyone!) this is such a facade and it's annoying because everyone knows it but no one says anything. let's be honest, raiding through charity shops most of the time leaves you with something that doesn't fit properly or something that you didn't want - or nothing. credit to the people that find the good stuff but sometimes it is just easier and nicer to buy something from the high street. don't get me wrong, i do enjoy searching and wearing vintage and secondhand but i'm so busy that it's just not practical. yea ;D

but moving on, i'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, and then this long rambling one! just to say thank you to anyone that reads my blog, i hope you like it :) i should be buying a tripod soon so i look forward to dressing up and posing! *cough* 

speak soon, love

EDIT: i wrote this when i was really tired and i'm so scared that i come across as a massive moo! i'm not trying to slag off people who are thrifters and are really good at it (tbh, i'm quite jealous) i was just trying to comment on how i feel a pressure to do the same when for regular girls like me, it's not always realistic or pratical! :D

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