Sunday, 29 August 2010

2 dogs 1 cat 1 kitten and luxury bedding

This weekend I went to stay at my Dads, who lives in a tiny (as in, doesn't-even-have-a-corner-shop tiny) village in Yorkshire with my stepmum Pip, my two stepbrothers Hugh & Harry, my brother Matthew and four (crazy) pets...

This is Badger - a Norfolk Terrier and probably the cutest dog you will ever meet. Pip thinks that it's something about the button nose and the way the hair around his eyes droops downwards slighty... This dog is cute, and he knows it! He's a bit of a diva, and despite being a minature teddy bear completely rules over the big black labrador that is Bramble (below)

Bramble is one of those completely loyal dogs that you can imagine pulling you out of the water in some crazy film - although saying that, I find him quite repulsive! He has an underbite problem which means he near-constantly had a long line of dribble hanging from the corner of his mouth. It really is disgusting, poor thing! Although to add, many years ago he did leave us a present in our house on the carpet. Hmmm.

They also have a really, and I mean really, old cat called Tinkerbell. (Hideous, I know). Dad & Pip are currently having an extension built which will become the kitchen, so for now they have had to cram all of their kitchen stuff + more into a room small enough to be a bathroom, so their dryer is stacked on top of their washing machine = very high and therefore the perfect viewing point for an old bitter cat to sit upon and plot. And what is she plotting about? This thing:  

 Tinkerbell's younger counterpart, Coco. I know there's loads of photos of the same kitten in the same place but it's just too adorable! It's not actually theirs, it's Hugh's girlfriend's, but she's away so they're acting as sudo-parents. I think Pip's getting too attached and might steal her though :') So naturally, Dad hates her.

They really do live in beautiful surroundings. The house itself is unique as it's a converted Methodist chapel (I think!). I didn't get any photos of the outside though because as there 
 so much building work going on the place is a bit of a mess! I actually didn't know this when I went over and was hoping to take loads of photos of the interior, but it's all a bit crazy at the moment... still completely amazing though. It's all down to the work of Pip, whose passion in life must definitely be interiors, if the stack of home magazines that are always on the coffee table are anything to go by! She is so inspiring.

The living room. Look how professional the front three pillows are - Pip made them! I love all the cushions and the throws she has everywhere, as well as the real log wood fire and the huge bookcases.

This is the stairwell where most of the animal photos are taken, mostly due to the beautiful light that comes through the large window. I love the patchwork bear! You can't tell by looking at it but it's actually decapitated, as I found out when I tried to pick it up.

After the luxury bedding, the thing I am most jealous of is the crockery! It's almost all Emma Bridgewater, a designer who Pip is fond of. The crockery is all handmade and handpainted in England - this star mug is my favourite!

I don't currently have a bedroom at the moment, it's being built as part of the extension, as is Dad & Pips bedroom. I can already tell it's going to be beautiful though - look at the bed! I'm excited to see how it turns out.

(All photos taken by me)
I think my favourite room in the whole house has to be Dad & Pip's bathroom. I couldn't get any more than this photo because the light was too dark, as it has a sloped roof so the only light is from a small window at the bottom. I'll take more photos next time! The white drawers in the first photo is from the boy's bathroom. I love it.

I know I'm awful at selecting down photos, but I just love them all! I think my step brothers thought I was really wierd for taking so many photos of where they live - they don't appreciate it as much as they should, they are so lucky! Once finished, I'm sure it could be in a magazine. I had a really good weekend, and will be back when the extension is finished - so more photos in a few months!