Thursday, 21 October 2010

almond croissants

blazer - vintage secondhand, breton top - h&m, cut off shorts - cintage levis,belt - h&m, snood - new look, boots - new look  

looking kind of awkward in these photos due to the situation... these were quickly taken by my friend tom after i sheepishly asked if i could be so vain and ask him to take some - to which he replied yes, followed with 'it is a little bit vain though' THANKS TOM NOT HELPFUL. he's actually a photographer in the making (he studies art) but he is the least bit interested in fashion, i don't think he gets me sometimes or the blogging world which is a shame really as he would otherwise be a good outfit photographer... :)
hope everyone is well and happy... james is home tonight for the weekend and it's my mum's birthday tomorrow, so it shall be a full two days off!

speak soon, love


  1. oh i love this outfit!!! the shorts, boots, tights and stripes look so so cute together!!

    P.S i would totally get those pink snow boots for winter!! i don't know how much snow Vancouver does get for winter but there definitely is some!!

  2. Hey sexy, I like your snoooood! :)
    The nail varnish I was wearing is O.P.I matte 'you don't know jaques'