Saturday, 9 October 2010

excitement in the post

i love coming home after being away to see a big pile of post for me that my mum puts on the stairs :) got two packages off the lovely bunac - one containing a lonely planet guide to canada (which is about two inches thick, bet they got mugged by the post office for that one...) and the other containing my flight confirmation, a guide to living in north america and this amazing tshirt! slightly scared about how real it's becoming now, but i am so excited. and i ♥ this tshirt, it makes me happy!
i know i look a bit grim in the photos, but it's been a long day and i've just got home from three hours of travel from my dads. i miss him, pip & the four crazy animals already! 

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  1. oh those glasses look so good on you!! i loved your comment, it made me smile :). I live in southern Ontario and it really isn't to to cold just yet, now winter is a bit of a different story lol I read on you blog that you are going to Vancouver (i have never been out west but i would love to!!) but the temperature there isn't to different from where i live, i think they are about the warmest places in the country!! My sister lives in saskatchewan and it is way way way colder.don't worry you won't have to wear winter boots all of the time!! I think the average temperature is about fifteen degrees at the moment. For packing i would definitely bring lots of warmer clothes for fall/winter but i don't think it will be to different from what you would wear in the uk!! I hope that was some help!! if you have any questions just ask away!!