Friday, 22 October 2010

happy birfday momma

shirt - zara, headband - dorothy perkins, rings - h&m + asos

my mum is 48 today, but doesn't look a day over 35! lucky woman... she doesn't read my blog - in fact, i don't even think she knows what a blog is - but i thought i'd commerate the day anyway :)
went out for a meal and i wore this headband i found for £2 in true bargain bucket style! i got it a few weeks back but haven't worn it as i have to be wearing my contacts as big black glasses + black headband = far too much.
also, my asos illamasque nail polish arrived! it's not the colour i hoped (i want a red-based matte burgundy, this is a glossy and purple-based) but i like it anyway. except that it has chipped already, askjdaskhdfwhatasoswhydoyoudothis.

speak soon, love!  


  1. I love that nail varnish and your rings are gorgeous!

  2. Ah, my opinion, the jewellery is what makes an outfit. I love rings in particular! I bought Illamasqua nail polish recently too and it wasn't very chip-proof, but apparently if you put a layer of clear nail polish on the top it should last a lot longer :) x

  3. Hope she had a great day! Your jewelry is really cool ;-)