Sunday, 3 October 2010


i wear: oversized blue cape top - zara sale, £4, black sequin skirt - ebay, black heels - office
sophie wears: lace tunic - zara, under top - h&m, skinny belt - h&m, bag - made by me, wedges - market

a few photos of getting ready to go out to clique (fridays nights @ mint lounge, nrthn qrtr) from like... not last friday, but the friday before! :O i am bad at updating. anyway yea, if anyone reads this from the manchester area (which is probably unlikely), the second landscape photo... that crazy lady off the 135 anyone? yes i think so.
well i promised a catch up didn't i? errr maybe not tonight, i'm up at seven... arg, i am so sorry, i am just really really busy! i have four lists up on my wall its that mad, haha.
speak soon!


  1. Such a cute dress, love your blog!


  2. oh my god. i have no idea which one you are. BUT BOTH OF YOU ARE AOBSOLEUTELY STUNNING. like i was sitting here like "WTF. are they real" oh my god you dont get how pretty i think both of you are! i love love love the chick in the blue's skirt ahh drool! xo

  3. I'm from the Manchester area. However I've never had the pleasure of meeting the crazy lady on the 135. She sounds fit x

  4. cute pics

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

  5. i have two fit best friends :)
    ahhh why are you both leaving me!?
    love love love xoxo