Monday, 11 October 2010

the search for burgundy

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at the moment when i look in my wardrobe to get dressed my heart just drops; the kind of things i want to wear right now just aren't in there. i'm really craving different layers and textures of rich burgundy mainly, but also plums/reds combined with greys. my wardrobe contains mostly muted colours, a lot of blues and whites (despite my favourite colour being red?!) don't get me wrong, i still love my mutes, but i'm in the mood for deeper colours to combine them with now. and seeing as i can't afford any new clothes, i thought i'd get a new nail polish instead! because i can't wear nail polish to work i rarely ever bother with it, but as i'm leaving soon i'm excited to be able to!
so i want a burgundy - however, haven't been able to find one at a decent price yet. couldn't find anything in superdrug (oh rimmel, you never normally fail me!) and tbh i don't think i'll find the exact colour i want unless i bought a designer like chanel or something. which i can't. however i found these on asos by illamasqua which i really like! the one on the left is my favourite, called 'unatural'. think i'll just get it! i'm speading more money that i should right now but i'm just gonna overtime it like crazy. ten and half yesterday, nine today, nine tomorrow...
expecting so much post this week - five packages: this, topshop, a tripod (FINALLY) and two bits and bobs for my project! my postman must think i'm a recluse...

speak soon, love

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  1. gee gee you are a mental woman. i don't know how you manage to stay awake!

    however, 5 packages in the post sounds exciting (: getting mail is such a good feeling.