Friday, 25 February 2011

hit from the bong

L-R: Crystal, Jacqui, Hanna & the drunkest girl at the bar (apparently, as I do not recall)

Not sure if I ever did a post about my housemates, so it's about time! Although to be fair, I've had three different ones since I've been here... I've always lived with Jacqui & Hanna (the German girls!) and for a few weeks it was just us, then Swedish Christel moved in (I've mentioned her on earlier posts) then she moved out and Mexican Jorge moved in... and then he moved into to the boys house and now we have French Canadian Crystal, and my god I hope she stays! I've gotten a lot closer to Jacqui & Hanna in the past few weeks what with the arrival of Crystal - I feel like she completes our family :D ! It's so good to come home and sit on our couches watching an episode of Family Guy that was played three times that day already whilst pointing at things and attempted to say them in French.  This photo was taken at last weeks Church night, (a rather good one too - photos shall follow!) and I love it so much I'm tempted to blow it up and stick it on the wall, along with everything else like are you fucked? a dog in antlers and biff boom. I love my housemates.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

everything in transit

Photo's from my first hitchhiking experience a few weeks back - something else to add to the seemingly endless list of things I never thought I would do until I came to this crazy place. In all honestly when we were on the way there and the first car pulled up I was ready to bolt, but it ended up being more fun than I could have imagined - despite the fact that we chose the completely wrong day! It was frighteningly beautiful as you can see but it was also -30... We went to Canmore, the next town after Banff and getting there was OK because the two guys from Vancouver that picked us up dropped us in the centre, but what we didn't anticipate that unlike Lake Louise, Canmore's highway junction was a good forty minute walk away with all our groceries...

Despite that, this section of the Trans-Canada Highway has quickly become one of my favourite places in the world to be. I cannot describe the feeling in my stomach whenever I'm travelling along it, whether it be on a bus or in the car of a stranger filled with laughter, but it is something of excitement and opportunity and purpose. I always had a strange love for motorways back home anyway, the way everyone was travelling really fast in the same direction and the shadows would bounce through the lamplights when it was nighttime, and so being surrounded by huge mountains and sky bluer than anything I have ever seen just multiplies the feeling tenfold. 

I realise that I haven't posted in ages - this isn't my wish! I would love to post everyday because I want to document as much of this trip as I can but it just isn't practical! For one I don't have internet at home anymore as the price went up for $30 for 30 days to $220 (no joke) and I just don't feel as much of the need to use it anymore... Can't be anything but a good thing, right? Anyway I've got a couple of post ideas in my head that I want to do - maybe I'll do them now and put them through as scheduled posts, or maybe I won't and you'll have to wait another three weeks. Who knows?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

songs of lake louise

I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines aint always gonna be gold, i'll be fine once I get it I'll be good tell me what you know about dreamin' you don't really know about nothin'/save me give me wings to fly make me young reason to fight/we laugh until we think we'll die, home is where I'm with you/there was a time when my world was filled with darkness and i stopped dreaming, now i'm supposed to fill it up with something in your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I used to know long ago but I'm still trying to make my mind up am I free or am I tied up? I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still, I'm still and animal nobody knows but me when I slip but I'm still an animal...