Sunday, 17 October 2010

hello tripod

black aviator - topshop, black dress - topshop, rings - all h&m

my first (proper) outfits photos - despite the fact i'm taking both things back! i had fun before work this morning, and the sad thing is taking photos of this jacket actually made me like it a little bit more than i originally did, which is a shame, as it just has to go back. i was so disappointed when i first pulled it out of the package! it wasn't what i wanted at all - although, to be fair to topshop, looking back it never was - it was really light and felt quite cheap. what i really want is just a beautiful leather/pu biker jacket, so i shall just have to hold out 'til next season i suppose!
as for the dress, well i was never intending to keep this in the first place, i only bought it to bring it up to £100 for free delivery (does anyone else do this? :) + chose it because i thought it was pretty and i like floaty/see through (ha, slag i am!) things. and it is, but the cut isn't very flattering, it is slightly too long (as are most dresses on me) and i don't need another black dress!
also, how lovely are the white bits on the zips on the jacket? hahaha, not really, they're clearly part of the packaging but as i was intending to take it back i couldn't take them off.
also also, i don't normally wear my hair like this, it just has to be straight for work. normally it's a sporadic mess, somewhere between straight and wavy with the occasional curl.
now to face the dreaded returns lady! :(

speak soon, love


  1. I Love this post, very beautiful!!!)))

  2. i love the dress :) xo