Monday, 4 October 2010

get lost and then get found

the four lists that i mentioned in the last post ;) sorry about the poor photo quality... i have a hybrid but it's still really good and i don't do it justice.

ANYWAY I HAVE JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHTS OH YES. wait - i never actually confirmed it on the blog did i? well - I AM GOING TO CANADA :) to work, for seven months (but maybe longer if i love it!) up until a couple of weeks ago i felt so depressed about my gap year like you wouldn't believe. then this just came along and i thought... why not. it's been so rushed though as i applied so late, i had to send all my applications etc by post office special delivery (who, by the way, are complete theives) and spent a few sleepless nights constantly checking the tracker online! i didn't want to mention anything on the blog just incase it fell through, but my visa application has been sent off now and seeing as i'm not a criminal i can't see any reason for canada to reject me...

i leave for vancouver on november 24th and am planning to get back in june. tbh, i don't know loads about it... i don't have a job already sorted but that's the fun of it i think. i'm going with a company, bunac, so i go on a group flight and get to meet people before i go :) i want to work in the mountains, near a lake... i have this dream in my head about kayaking over beautiful still waters in a sunset. i will make it come true.

however, this is costing me so much money and i am so busy doesn't crazy shifts to earn the money and sorting out stuff for this and for uni - the fashion side of the blog especially is going to suffer, but i'll pick it up again when i get home! i'm moving to london next year anyway so it'll be a great place for inspiration ;) for the meantime, i'm going to update as soon as possible! i'm going to my dads this weekend, and apparently my room is almost finished, so i'm excited :) i don't have a free day for about four weeks... the next seven before i leave are going to be crazy, but hey, that's the way i like it!

speak soon! :)


  1. I've never been to canada...I hear it's a great city! :D You'll have so much fun! What an amazing adventure ahead of you! I'm glad I'm not the only one continuely making lists :p


  2. i love those to do lists. can't get enough of them. oh, and have fun in canada! :)

  3. I'm so jealous!
    I looked into working + volunteering abroad for 6 months/a year but ended up not going ahead with it!
    I wish I had.
    I can't wait to read about your adventure!