Wednesday, 8 September 2010

so i was looking for a scanner on amazon. you know, so i can scan meaningless and unimportant things such as scribbles and pretty sweet wrappers whenever i feel like it, and then occasionally use it to scan in magazine editorials and the what not. er, that'll be £50 mate? yea i didn't really have an idea about the cost of them in my head before i actually looked but i'm not impressed. maybe tesco value will have one gathering dust on a shelf somewhere for a tenner...
i feel like posts aren't really real posts unless they have photos. but it's not as if there would be a photo to accompany this post. unless you all want to know what a CanoScan LiDE 100 looks like. yea didn't tink so.
bad news - the topshop faux fur coat is sold out online in my size :'( which sometimes does and doesn't mean it's sold out in the shops. not that i can afford it anyway, without breaking into savings. so this is probably a very good thing.
but on a better note, the dublin photos are now on the laptop! looks like after dublin posts there won't be any other photo ones for a bit, until i can sort this space issue out or get an external hard drive or something. really awkward, but of course this is me and technology we're talking about. so anyway, massive post soon - don't say i didn't warn you :D!

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