Monday, 6 September 2010

and when i see you i really see you upside down

imgs from various sources over the years - sorry!
some of my favourite images of the band that for the past three years have been there for me every day, comforted me on the lows and brightened up the highs... :) cheesey i know, but they are basically my life soundtrack, i love them more than i have ever loved anything of this type! they have a sound like no other band and ben gibbards voice is just so pure and haunting - argueably a very 'arty' band with both their AMAZING lyrics and album covers. the boyfriend got me the narrow stairs album on vinyl for my birthday, the cover is beautiful :) it's likely they'll feature in many posts to come!

i've never been able to see them live - in the time that i've listened to them they've only come to england once, two years ago and i couldn't afford the tickets :( they were only £16 as well, which these days seems like nothing. i had a conversation with my best friend a few weeks back where we arrived at the conclusion that i would pay up to £150 to see them if they came back, without any hesitation. maybe one day i'll just have to fly to seattle and see them there...

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