Tuesday, 21 September 2010

chasing the dream though i never pick up the pen

img from lonelyplanet.com


in the last post, i mentioned that yesterday was a big day... well i don't want to jynx anything by posting about it til it's confirmed, so i'm keeping schum... although lets just say that, right now, the post title is wrong. however, how beautiful is this photo? it's of the banff national park in the rockies. i hope the amazing folks from lonelyplanet.com don't mind me using their photo! a few months ago i started reading the lonelyplanet magazine, and i wish i had discovered it earlier. it contains more inspiration to me than any elle or vogue i have ever read.

athough that doesn't stop me still having an unhealthy obsession with fashion! i really wish i could post more outfit posts, but there's two problems; 01. i don't own a tripod (as of yet) so can't take photo's unless my sister takes them, and she's not brilliant... (megan i'm sorry, i love you!!) and 02. i work five days a week at a job that requires uniform, so on these days i usually go from pjs to uniform and back again. which is very uninspiring, i need a new job :( maybe in the future i'll be able to do more.

it's getting cold & dark so fast! every winter me + sophie get excited about wrapping up warm and being all cosy, yet every winter both of us end up cold in inappropiate clothes. i don't own anything long sleeved!! year upon year i crave big chunky knits, and yet i don't own any... so frustrating!

anyway, i am proper knackered, so it's a bath + an early night for me :)