Sunday, 19 September 2010

everything's not lost

sheer top 3/4 sleeve top - free people at uo, under vest top - topshop, black sequin skirt - ebay, tights - m&s, blazer - charity shop. usual jewelery

quite embarrassed about these photos aha, (not really the attitude to be having in the blogging world is it?) but me + my sister megan had fun - despite us both being complete utter camera noobs and not using the flash :| hence the awful photo quality, i do apologise!
anyway, the blazer is one of my finds from 'thrifting' the other day with james (yes, the daft word requires inverted commas) i found it in mind in didsbury and just thought it was amazing, & with a £6.50 price tag even better! i've already worn it twice since i bought it... charity shops in south manchester are SO much better than bury. i didn't find any of the chanel etc that i've been told people have seen, probably the most expensive label i found was a completely hideous salmon pink vintage jaeger jacket that i wanted to buy for novelty but i mean really, ew.
i also bought two shirts, one in the most disgusting floral pattern you've ever seen in your life and the other in red velvet. photos soon, nom.

back to this outfit, i'm wearing one of my favourite tops in the world ever and these photos don't do it justice! it's got batwing style sleeves and is made of mesh with thick stripes of different shades of blue and yellow. i'll have to photograph it better at some stage.
oh, and the purpose of it? going to like a 'last meal' to see all my friends before the majority go to uni :'( s a d.
anyway, i have a big day tomorrow - so much to sort out! not sure if it'll go to plan quite yet so i'm not posting about it, but if it does, my life is gonna change. more later!

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