Monday, 13 September 2010


1st outfit: granny skirt worn as dress - secondhand, belt - secondhand, scarf - vintage, denim jacket - topshop, flats - primark, bag - nica
2nd outfit: shirt - secondhand, black skirt - miss selfridge, cardigan - topshop, bag - as before, beloved 5 year old converse

I'm a creature of habit and pratically always use the same bag and wear the same jewellery, but as this is my first proper 'outfit' post you won't have known that yet! i'll do a post on them at some point. the first photo of me is really awful but i had no other, and the second would've been good had the boyfriend been able to work the flash :) ! i love these granny-skirts-come-dresses and have about four short and two long. the scarf was my mums, from the 80s! i also love these shoes but as they are primark they are literally falling apart - i am tempted to get them resoled (which will probably cost more than the actual shoe) because i love them that much!
my wondeful converse are introduced in the second outfit. i'm also going to do a post on these (a rather sad one actually - but more on that later) i've had them for about five years now, since i was 14. yes i appear to be a fan of knackered shoes, but they are my favourite shoes in the world ever.
my black bodycon skirt is so terribly standard but honestly it is a lifesaver for all the wierd and wonderful tops i have (like that shirt) i mean sometimes denim shorts just don't cut it! :D
there is no outfit photo for the third day! i didn't get to wear my yellow smock thing as i'd forgotten to bring the top to go underneath it (it's massive so it indecent exposure is on the cards without it) and dublin was THAT expensive that i couldn't afford to buy another, not even from primark/penneys. so i just had to wear a tee and my black skirt instead. sad day :(

really wish i was more photogenic! also, i require glasses :)

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