Sunday, 19 September 2010

the end of an era

these shoes have accompanied me for the past five years of my life, and how i love them! i first got them - in their hot pink high top original state - in year 9 and they have been with me on some of the best days of my life. including the 'emo' stage that became a sort of rite-of-passage... hence the radioactive orange and green laces.
the left foot says 'ganeesh' which is related to an note once passed to me in a geography lesson by my friend alex dixon, simply saying ganeesh... apparently it was said to him by our other friend stuart during a film when everyone wouldn't shut up. errr, ok.
the right foot says 'gibabas', an alternative to pyjamas as said by a boy i quite liked called callum when i was on a youth camp thing in the summer of year 9. + then in year 12 i decided i preffered low tops so turned the tops down...
as you can see, these shoes have had a bit of wear...the bottom sole of the shoe is completely worn down and flattened, the cotton inner sole has come away so my feet rest of rubber (which is actually quite comfortable, it's moulded to my toes), the all star sign at the back has completely rubbed away and the circle star sticker is close to falling out. not to mention the fact that there is a gaping hole in the back of each other them, effectively turning them into converse slippers.
i love them because they hold so many memories and because they are completely mine and whenever i wear them i think of times when i was younger. i have never seen anyone else with converse quite like mine. they've been in this awful state and yet i've still worn them almost everyday because i can't bear to let go - however the other day, i finally bought a (long over-due, according to many people included an office shop assistant, cheeky get) new pair of converse. just plain white low tops, i didn't want anything to resemble these as they can't be replaced. they sat in their box whilst i sulked at them for a while, but i've started wearing them now. i almost feel like i'm cheating on my old converse :( so it's the end of an era - in a cliche kind of way buying new ones has helped to mark my transition from being a kid in school and college to whatever i am next. *dramatic face* hahahahahaha, i had to say it. :D
my darling pink converse - i shall keep you and love you forever, and one day i will find someone to fix you and you will live on !! :)

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  1. i will always love them :)
    ahhh the memories!

    Laura xoxo