Tuesday, 16 November 2010

WAITING ON DOUBLES and maybe a blog post?

couple of photos from a disgraceful night in manchester with my work girlies last friday :) the black drink in the first picture is probably the strongest thing i've ever tried, it's a hungarian drink my friend reka brought along called 'unicum' (no laughing !) and apparently they drink it all the time, and enjoy it. eurg. these eastern europeans and their liver strength :) !
they gave me such a good send off - was slightly worse for wear the next morning but hey, seeing as soon i won't be able to drink legally anymore i may as well make the most of it!

had a horrible hung-over three hour journey to my dad's on saturday, i only got back this morning and i don't have easy internet access their as i don't have my own laptop so that's the reason for the lack of posts! well, along with the fact that I AM LEAVING THE COUNTRY IN ONE WEEK AND I AM FEELING VERY STRESSED ARGGGGKFHASKDNASKDANSJKS think i've settled on taking a backpack with me, although god knows how i am going to pack seven months into there. gargggg.

off to bed now to get up early and get to primark before the cream of manchester do and ruin the place ;) speak soon, love!


  1. Loving the white nails.. what brand is it? Good luck with your packing etc.

    Milli x


  2. don't go? or better - take me with you!

  3. 'that' coz like loads of people seem to have it!