Tuesday, 9 November 2010

movember metro moustaches

Inquisitive tash...
...friday-night-on-the-pull tash...
... and puzzled tash!

:) Did anyone else read todays metro? It was the cover competition winners edition and the very front one was about movember, an event that you now have most likely heard about as bloggers love it! it's basically an event that raises money and awareness for charities concerned with mens health, focusing on prostate cancer. the idea is that guys should 'start Movember 1st  clean shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month.  The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men'. Basically a bit of fun for a good cause! Anyway, the front cover contained about six different moustaches to cut out and wear, and seeing as i can't grow a real tash, i thought i'd wear these instead :) now i'm fuzz-free again i've stuck them on various inanimate objects in my rooms, a cause of much amusement for me whenever i catch it's eye/tash.


i finally plucked up the courage to buy bleach to ombre my hair! this was my second trip, the first time round i felt like such a melon stood in the hair dye aisle like WHAT ARE ALL THESE BOXES I DON'T UNDERSTANDDD and then i was also quite embarrassed by the funny looks i'm sure i was getting - i mean wouldn't you if there was a chinese girl with dark hair staring at the armful of blonde hair dyes she was trying to juggle? anyhoo, i've read the instructions, but so far that's it. maybe i'll have the guts to do it tomorrow!

until then, speak soon, love!


  1. Haha, I saw today's metro on the train but didn't manage to get a copy, boo! Good luck with ombre-ing!


  2. oh gee gee.
    i think the second tash is the sexiest. you should grow one just like it ;)

  3. Hehe great post love the tashes. Good luck with dying your hair will be back to see the results xoxo

  4. haha loving the tash's! Wish I'd bought the metro to get some for myself ;) Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm loving yours and now following you :) would love if you'd consider following me back.

  5. Haha don't worry! I was terrified of dying my hair for the first time, found out they don't really do an awful lot from the packet! Just go for it, can't really go wrong with ombre! Good luck, I'm sure it'll look lovely :)

    Chloe... x