Sunday, 7 November 2010

problems with mae

so for anyone that might actually read this on a regular basis, you'll have noticed that i haven't posted for a looong time. and if you've just stumbled across this; well hello; i haven't posted for a looong time. (well apart from the long-needed warwick post below that i have just done (: !) i'm finding blogging a really drawn out and frustrating process at the moment which is why i'm not getting round to it - i really love posting itself and taking photos etc - the problem comes when trying to put the photos on the laptop! i've mentioned in the past i'm having storage trouble, and i still am. yesterday i spent like 2 hours transferring photos from here to my sisters laptop using a 512MB memory stick which was painful - and even then it didn't seem to make much difference! and then when i've FINALLY got them onto the laptop, it takes like ten minutes a photo to upload them to photobucket. my photo files are so huge and i don't know why - like anythin from 3MB to 7MB which i am sure is too big.

so to conclude, for the unforeseen future it's probable that i'll only be sporadically active on here. i'm leaving the country in less than three weeks anyway and i don't even know if i'm going to have internet over there, never mind have time to post! it's a sad day :'(


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  1. i love becki and pub times.
    i love becki and drawing on napkins.
    i love becki and car drives.
    i love becki and drunken sit in the bath times.

    i conclude: i love becki !