Tuesday, 23 November 2010

i was here but now i'm gone

hello strangers! time has flown, the past week has been crazy. in three hours i begin my journey! i have to check in at heathrow at 10am tomorrow so tonight i'm staying at a hotel in london. while i'm away i'm going to try and post once a week, but i don't actually have guaranteed internet access as i'm not taking a laptop or anything, so we shall see how that goes! obviously the blog is going to shift it's focus, for seven months i'm just going to use it as a travel journel really so everyone back home knows what i'm doing :)
here's a few photos from the past couple of weeks:

While I'm away my brother will be staying in my room, and I'm not sure if my family will move or not so I decided to try and pack away my room - a decision which pretty much failed, apart from I took all the memories off my wall, which was actually a really sad occasion for me and now my room doesn't even look like mine. This is what it used to look like:

and now it looks like this:

the blue tack ball that came off the wall! :O

i'm leaving for london in two hours and i haven't even finished packing yet. i absolutely hate packing with a passion and i'm so worried that i've packed too little/packed too much, that i should've taken a rucksack instead of a suitcase etc etc...
i'm so excited don't get me wrong but ridiculously scared. i'm 18 years old and have never lived away from home and in two days i need to wash and cook and clean for myself. not to mention find my own accomodation and a job!
i wish i could write more really but i think i need to go finish packing... ARGGKAJDHAKDAKJ

part of me doesn't want to leave. i'm going to miss everyone so much.

speak soon, from canada!

ps: this is christmas monkey, he's coming with me. you'll be seeing a lot more of him :)


  1. Must have felt so weird to pull everything down :/ I hope you have an amazing time - it's certainly an experience of a lifetime!

  2. your life sounds so interesting! i wish i could experience/dp something fun+ exciting like you! :D have fun!

    btw,nice pictures


  3. still can't fully accept it :(
    have an amazing time gee gee!