Thursday, 11 November 2010

DIY ombre results

so last night i finally plucked up the courage to ombre my hair, and i'm so glad i did! i've never dyed my hair before and i was so nervous, sitting on my bathroom floor in a bin bag tentatively 'placing' the bleach on my hair (more like squirting it here there and everywhere, 'non-drip bottle' my arse). as you can see it hasn't gone really blonde, more strawberry blonde, but this was what i was expecting really seeing as my hair is quite dark to begin with. 
i did it twice; after the first time i really liked it but it was slightly darker than this, and i also didn't go as far up so it looked a bit funny. second time round i was a lot more confident and thought i'd put lots more bleach on but it turns out i hadn't, so it hasn't gone as light as i had hoped!
i think it's a bit dip dye at the moment, because i have layers and didn't seperately bleach them it isn't quite the 'grown out' look but i might get sophie to touch it up for me when she comes home before i leave (bleaching my hair twice in two weeks, hair please don't hate me!)
but anyway, what do you think? everyone says it, but honestly it was so easy, so if you're considering doing it... well stop considering and just do it! if anyone has any questions i'd be happy to (try) and answer them :)

speak soon, love

ps: if you look closely you can see the ear cuff i was talking about a while back in this post! i am so so happy with it!


  1. Love ittt! Looks lovely :) I wish I had brown hair so I could ombre it!

    Chloe... x

  2. wheres your ear cuff from i love it ive been ordering some off ebay!?

  3. Thanks for the comments! The background is a slatted cupboard door but it looks horrible so I fill it with that colour on photoshop! Makes it look a bit more interesting, but also a bit strange! I need to find a plain wall with good lighting somewhere!

    I know I was trying to find a picture of reverse ombre hair but couldn't find one anywhere! I'd love to see what it would look like. I think it would look a bit weird though!


  4. I think it looks amazing, can't believe you did it yourself, it definitely looks professionally done! Nice :)

  5. Cute ombre! Thanks for the lovely comment (: I have heard Ellie's cover of Sweet Disposition. It's beautiful. I hope you get to see HP too! I'm going on Friday - cannot wait. Have a lovely week.

  6. Heyyyy i'm a Rebecca from Manchester, uncanny right.

    Cute blog, love it.

  7. I think it looks per.fect. I love this :) all of your jewelry is aaammaazzziiingggg!


  8. It looks very nice, so naturally :) like!