Tuesday, 3 May 2011

winter to spring

Old photos that everyone who has my bookface has already seen, but I wanted to put them on here anyway 'cause they're the only ones I actually have of me snowboarding! The bottom one is a result of having fallen in a rather large tree well full of deep snow, making it rather difficult to get out...

THE SNOWBOARDING SEASON IS ALMOST OVER. May 8th. I just might cry. Call me daft, but have you ever tried it? There are not many things more perfect than carving your way down a powdered run on a sunny day. On one occasion a few weeks ago, after having come through some trees getting fresh tracks, I was so happy I thought I might die. When I finally succesfully landed a jump, I was on a high for hours. My friend Mel wants to leave here and go straight to New Zealand, where their ski season is just beginning, and then when that's ended, come back to Canada. It's a year and a half of winter, but I have to say I'm tempted. I can't believe that in under two weeks, it's over. Sounds like I'm talking about a lover, ay? Hahaha (: Really though. Although I'm sending all of my snowboarding stuff home, I doubt I'll really get to do it again for another three years (should I choose to stay at uni). I mean, there will probably be uni winter trips, but let's be honest it's so expensive that it'll probably be full of snobs. And I really hate rich  people. (It's my ultimate prejudice! I don't care if you're black! I don't care if you have one ear and one eye! I don't care if you were brought up on a council estate with a heroin addict mother! But if you're rich? Ew. Leave me alone...) And then there's the fact that I probably won't be able to afford to go anyway! As mentioned briefly in the previous post, I want to go live in France for a year post-uni. The intention is to work on a ski hill! Fingers crossed that snowboarding is like riding a bike so it won't be off to the bunny hill again with me! 

(I write these posts in advance when I'm not a home, so this was actually written last week despite being posted now, but I don't want to change what I wrote then, hence the edit!)

So despite the season ending Sunday my last day of snowboarding is actually tomorrow (because of work). I AM SO SAD I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. Me and Marj we having a conversation yesterday whilst sat on the 4:20 bench on the hill (don't worry, I'll take photos tomorrow, more on this later!) about missing snowboarding. We both go back to reality/start school in September, and she was saying about how she was scared that she'll miss snowboarding so much she'll drop out just to do another season. I am not scared to that extent, well, not yet. Probably because I'm one of these people that have difficulty accepting something is not going to be there anymore until it physically isn't. (For example - saying goodbye to people. I never really get sad until after they've left, and by then it's too late!) I don't know. Arg. 

Also! I am so lucky. I really wanted to send my snowboarding stuff home but it was gonna cost me at least $300, to which my dad was grumping say how it wasn't worth it... Even if was still gunna cost that, I would do it. I could never throw out my first snowboard! It means so much to me. Even though if I do another season I'll buy a new board, I will forever cherish my first, and fully intend to make a wall furnishing/table/bench out of it...
Anyway, to the actual point, I have a better way! Crystal's boyfriend Azar is English, from London, and he's visiting Crystal at the same time as me (actually a lot longer than me - he's staying for two months, myself for two weeks!) and so he's going to take my snowboarding bag home for me! It'll still cost, but I imagine will be more like $50 (you know the usual price for checking another bag), saving me so much money... Arg! Everything always works out in the end!

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