Tuesday, 3 May 2011

the fifth housemate

On Sunday, Jacqui & Hanna move out. On May 10th, Crystal moves out. This is our Justin Bieber shrine, a corner of our living room devoted to all things 'Beibz', created by Crystal as a result of her catching 'Beiber fever'. Can't say I've caught it yet myself, but it's things like this that make me love our housemates and what our house is. I have a feeling Gene might make us take them down during our house inspection - well, he's got a fight on his hands. And even if he threatens us with no security deposit return (to which we will remove the posters and then drop to our knees begging for forgiveness - hey, $300 is $300!) as soon as his car pulls out they will be right back up again. And when my new housemates arrive, if they give me a strange look and think I'm weird, well I don't care. They wouldn't understand anyway, because this is mine and Jacqui's and Crystal's and Hanna's house. And until the day I leave, that is what it will always be, and Justin will remain. 

This was written last week. Jacqui and Hanna actually moved out the Sunday just gone :( Our two new housemates arrive today - in fact, they've probably just arrived at home now! Two French Canadian girls, I think they're called Marie & Carolyn, no idea about their age or anything else... I'm excited to meet them, but also quite nervous about the fact I'll be living in a house where everyone else shares a common first language. I have no problem with French people (obviously!!) I just more don't want to feel the isolation I first felt when I moved into a house with three Germans! We'll see...

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