Monday, 23 May 2011

herbert lake

Last week Mick managed to convince me to cycle up the highway (and by up, I mean uphill, dear god) to a place called Herbet Lake. Mick always manages to convince me to do what appears to be daft or unachievable things, but I'm glad he does 'cause in the end it is always worth it. Like climbing the spindly tree in the middle of Saddleback, in my pyjamas. (Photos of this one soon). So excited for Yukon adventures.

Anyway, Herbet lake is the only lake in close vicinity that you can swim in in the summer, as the others and the rivers are glacier fed so are cold all year round. I don't think I'll get the oppurtunity to swim here - it was a super warm day but as you can see it's still mostly frozen over! Spent a few hours getting stupidly burnt (well I did anyway - I was only out for three hours but the sun is so strong at this altitude! Combine it with suncream though and it makes for really fast tanning!) and playing with sticks. I really like riding my bike.

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