Friday, 11 March 2011

internationally TBTF

Complete photo dump of two of the possibly the best days off ever... As planned we went cross-country skiing, although we didn't get up quite as early as we wanted! Crystal introduced Jess and I to the wonders of yolk in the hole/holey egg, a breakfast delight which has now become a slight addiction to the point where we're cutting the mould off old bread in desperation. Actually, that happens quiet a lot here... cooking with moudly food I mean. Damn the village market and it's ridiculous prices.

Cross country skiing was AMAZING. It was bizarre to not be strapped into just one plank of wood for once - and much more dangerous it appears! There was one large downhill section that I literally screamed the whole way down and stood rigid still whilst praying to the snow gods that I would remain upright. And I did! Not so much for Jacqui and Jess though... hahahaha (: Never a funnier sight. 

We took a route down from the Chateau at the Lake. It was so beautiful - definitely making for feelings of being in Narnia! It has been snowing all day so the visibility wasn't great but I still think we got some pretty sweet views!

So after skiing, it was off to Banff... Had the easiest hitchhiking experience ever! We weren't even on the highway yet, just on the slip road, and the first car that drove past we thought we'd try our chances with and thumb it... AND IT STOPPED! We were so excited. The bloke was so nice, he had to clear out his car and everything for us. He was a Calgarian that had been skiing/snowboarding here, and was so nice, he didn't even get annoyed when we took him on a wild goose chase rounds the houses of Banff searching for the HI! (I stayed there for a week so I had an idea of where it was, but just not as good as an idea as I thought...) After checking in, a trip to the Hot Springs was in order... Sitting in a hot pool whilst being snowed on. A bizarre experience. Oh wait, I forgot about the maccers stop! Hahaha. We ate it twice that trip :Z Terrible I know, but we feel we are deprived in Lake Louise without one, and so unashamedly abuse it whenever we're in town. Nom.

So it was back to the hostel for pre-drinks and subjection to terrible African music from Crystal... (: I'm only joking! Kind of. I couldn't help but find 'African Queens' funny. We ended up going to a place called Dancing Sasquatch, as it was dubstep night! So strange to be in a proper club, unlike the B&G that's only just bigger than your downstairs toilet and where we know everyone. It was a lot of fun, but I remembered why back home I'm actually not that into clubs... I just find them to be full of boys who think that they're gods gift to women and have every right to touch you and girls who always manage to convince you that they're a lot cooler than they actually are and make you feel like shit. Which leads me to another thought - I've realised that I don't like English girls much. Not personally, of course, but as a whole... I'm not friends with a single English girl here, partly because it's just me in Saddleback but also because English girls are so fucking bitchy! I can tell them from a mile away because they care too much. Care too much about their appearance, how they look to everyone else, how cool they are... I dunno, sounds bad but in work as soon as I hear an English accent (ESPECIALLY southern, ew) creep out of a girls mouth I just don't want to know! I really don't want to go home back to those kind of people. I want to continue not wearing makeup and not feeling bad about myself all the time and not being so judgemental of other girls as soon as I meet them. It's not going to happen, but my god when I think of going back to Manchester and back to that world I feel so scared...

ANYWAYS. The dubstep night was still awesome! I love this place and these people. I feel so, so happy right now it almost consumes me. I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing in summer, but I'm excited. I know it'll be amazing.

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  1. Your blog makes me so envious of your travels! I'm going to live in Canada next year, but it feels so far away. Great photographs.