Wednesday, 5 January 2011

shrillest highs and lowest lows

Photos from NYE - prebar, mind :') ! Was a really fun night, but a strange feeling that back home new year's had already happened... I said I'd write a post about christmas didn't I, but I never got round to it! I think i'll just leave it now... the banana bread was worth it! Grace and I seem to be getting into a habit of midnight baking, and then making her housemate stay up to watch it in the oven because we're too tired...

Had a bit of a techno-phobe week! Had to buy a new phone yesterday as the one I bought in Vancouver broke. The guy at the phone shop reckoned it wasn't actually my fault and I'd just been sold a damaged phone :( I knew that guy was a bitch, and not just because I was angry at him! Managed to keep my cool this time though, despite being forced to spend $100 (around £66) on a phone that back home you could get for a tenner in tesco! It's their cheapest phone though, how ridiculous is that? 

Feeling really quite tired at the moment, but in a good way. I don't have a stable sleep pattern because I work such varied shifts (5.45am-12pm one day and 12pm-7.30pm the next!) and rather than going to sleep at night I always end up being at someones house til 2am. For example, last night me, Tarra and Jess decided to leave the bar early ('cause lets be honest, the bar when you're sober is rubbish) to go home, eat toast & australian two minute noodles and watch the trashy yet wonderful program that is Jersey Shore. (:

Oh! Finally got my nose pierced. Tarra and I were in Banff yesterday, it was kind of a look-at-each-other ok let's do it! kinda thing. Didn't really hurt, was more just a bit uncomfortable... the piercer was laughing at us because he told us to take a deep breath and he'd count to three but we were just like WHAT don't tell us just stab us! 

Going ice-skating on Lake Louise soon. I went t'other day with my Swedish housemate Christel and got a few photos, they'll be up soon!

Oh, and in case you were interested, here's photos from NYE post-bar...

me, james, brooke & phil. i have no recollection of this whatsoever, hahaha....

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  1. looks like fun gee gee :)
    regarding camp. atm i'm so very unorganised. i've filled out most of the form cept pictures but i cant seem to get my act together to complete it!
    theres a recruitment fair thing soon, so me and Alexii will be going to that.

    Just started my lifeguarding/swim teaching thing. Spent so much on trackies and swimming costumes in the past 2 days. NOT COOL.

    We'll have to have a big skype catch up soon! Its still weird you not being about

    lots of looooove xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx