Friday, 25 February 2011

hit from the bong

L-R: Crystal, Jacqui, Hanna & the drunkest girl at the bar (apparently, as I do not recall)

Not sure if I ever did a post about my housemates, so it's about time! Although to be fair, I've had three different ones since I've been here... I've always lived with Jacqui & Hanna (the German girls!) and for a few weeks it was just us, then Swedish Christel moved in (I've mentioned her on earlier posts) then she moved out and Mexican Jorge moved in... and then he moved into to the boys house and now we have French Canadian Crystal, and my god I hope she stays! I've gotten a lot closer to Jacqui & Hanna in the past few weeks what with the arrival of Crystal - I feel like she completes our family :D ! It's so good to come home and sit on our couches watching an episode of Family Guy that was played three times that day already whilst pointing at things and attempted to say them in French.  This photo was taken at last weeks Church night, (a rather good one too - photos shall follow!) and I love it so much I'm tempted to blow it up and stick it on the wall, along with everything else like are you fucked? a dog in antlers and biff boom. I love my housemates.

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