Thursday, 9 December 2010

a tribute to room two-oh-nine

Today i finally got my netbook (: although my house as yet doesn't have wi-fi, this will make everything easier. I am hoping to post a lot more... once again, so much has happened! I feel like I've been here for months, not two weeks. Anyway, I'll talk about my current situation later. Right now i just want to dedicate a post to THE best room in the HI hostel banff, room 209...

Last week gave me some really great memories. 209 is actually the room next to the one me + will stayed in (211), but was the room that we hung out & and pissed everyone off in at night. 209/hi banff moments : $3.75 drinks and dancing the night away in your walking boots, seven people crammed into an old-ass 1980's mercedes listening to tupac at 3am, one two many youtube videos, cranking up the dub at 4am, cheap beer, dancing in stairwells, happy rums, movember moustache shavings, waking up germans, THAT tweed jacket, there's an elk outside the window, bus rides with small children and the daily, "fucking canada."
I met so many great people at that hostel and it's wierd to think that the majority I'll never see again. I suppose that's the thing with hostels though - you say hello and you say goodbye, and everyone moves on.

As I'm writing this blog technically for my own future reference and don't want to forget anyone, here's to Will, Mark, April, Ellisa, Charlie, Bron LETS THREAD OUR BROWS BITCH, Andy, Isla, Joe, the two Germans in our room, and the girl that drove us home that I saw in Safeway today (cue awkward moment). It was a really fun time that I didn't fully appreciate 'til I came to the snoozetown that is Lake Louise - but more on that later...

Speak soon, love!

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