Monday, 13 December 2010

get me some sausage rolls woman

so the bonfire party last night - oh dear god. it was actually a christmas party that happened to have a fire pit out back... it was at the lake louise rec centre and we were told it was a locals party, so as we are all technically local we assumed it'd be full of people like us. um, no! i felt like i'd crash some 60th family birthday party or something, it was so awkward! but as with canada, the people were so nice to us group of dirty youths, and there was free food and everything - consequently, we stayed...

but it was really quite lame. got chatting to a girl from quebec there though called grace, i'd already met her in the rental store when she fitted me for my snowboard! she's half indian and half french canadian and is the only person  i've ever met who can pull a bull ring off. so yea, that was pretty good. we went cross country skiing today, which was so so so good! basically you ski... but on regular ground. we went round by the river (cannot remember the name for the life of me) which may as well just be normal terrain - it's pratically completely frozen over and as it snows so much you can't really tell that it used to be a river! i fell a couple of times, but it's to be expected! at one point we strayed off the trail - completely bad idea, and ended up in snow up to the top of my knees, i am not kidding!

the snow here is so much nicer than in england. it never melts, so when it snows again it just builds up - this worries me slightly as to what it will be like in a month! it's so dry that it glitters, i've never seen anything like it. a lot of it here is so untouched as well, due to snow not being a novelty. one of my favourite things to see is when the snow on a branch gets too heavy and falls in a cloud of dust (:

i've got a day off tomorrow which i was gonna spend chilling, skyping and exploring lake louise, but i've just been offered a lift to calgary which i'm kind of desperate to go to - i was supposed to be going on saturday with my friend brooke but i can't afford the $75 bus tickets, i am reeht skint! can't decide if i'm gonna go though because I AM SO TIRED literally living on three-four hours of sleep a night, but there is just so much to be doing (well, kind of. i want to do everything!) they're going at 7am so i'm gonna wake up at 6 and see how i feel. funny, back in the day waking up at 6 traumatised me but seeing as most days i'm up at 5 for work, i'm getting used to it! i don't think they do daylight savings here like in england because the sun doesn't rise til past eight and sets past five. i prefer it that way though!

bit of of a rambling post, but i really need to get some sleep. speak soon, love!

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